Why Pre-Order = How to get the lowest cost take away package !!!!

  • You're thinking: Buy many cartons of disposable food containers can get the lowest cost
Reality: Too many boxes of disposable food containers,can not find free place to put them, you're thinking too much! This is wrong!
Step 1. Come on, hero, please click our pre-order button bravely.
Step 2. Based on the weekly usage of your restaurant
Step 3. Think about how many boxes your restaurant is using each week
Step 4. Congratulations, you may make a plan for your weekly orders, just pre-order FOUR orders in our online store and you will receive our disposable tableware on time every week
Step 5. Call me, then tell us how many discounts do you like!!! Maybe we will be cuting our sales price!! 
Look! ! We look like warriors ahead to help you save money 
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